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The Invisible Hypothyroidism - Rachel Hill

Link - The Invisible Hypothyroidism - Thyroid Patient Advocate


Stop the Thyroid Madness

Link - Stop the Thyroid Madness, You Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's and Thyroid Treatment Resource


Link - Mary Shomon - VERYWELL HEALTH

Lab Experiments

The Lucy Rose Clinic

Link - The Root Cause of Autoimmune Thyroiditis - VIDEO - THE LUCY ROSE CLINIC


Link - Can Thyroid Patients Have Energy and Feel Great? - VIDEO - THE LUCY ROSE CLINIC

dr westin childs.jpg

Dr. Westin Childs

Link - Manage Your Thyroid and Feel Better - VIDEO - WWW.RESTARTMED.COM



Link - HypothyroidMom: Improving Health, Transforming Lives - HYPOTHYROIDMOM.COM


Thyroid Disorders - Chris Kresser

Link - Thyroid Disorders: Common Causes and Symptoms, & Low T3 Syndrome - CRIS KRESSER

Izabella Wentz.jpg

Thyroid Disease - Izabella Wentz

Link - Articles by Dr. Izabella Wentz - Dr, Izabella Wentz, PHARMD


Link - 10 Facts about Thyroid Disease - Dr, Izabella Wentz, PHARMD

Link - Root Causes of Graves' and Hashimoto's - Dr, Izabella Wentz, PHARMD


Thyroid Australia (Brisbane) Network

Link - Your Thyroid and You - THYROID AUSTRALIA BRISBANE


Thyroid Hormone Action

Link - Thyroxine - SCIENCEDIRECT

Link - Thyroid Hormone  - SCIENCEDIRECT

Link - Cellular Action of Thyroid Hormone - PUBMED

Link - Cellular Action of Thyroid Hormones -  NCBI


Triggers and Causes of Thyroid Dysfunction

Link - Environmental Exposures and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease - NCBI

Link - Clinical Relevance of Environmental Factors in Pathogenesis of AITD - EnM


Link - Infection, Thyroid Disease and Autoimmunity - PUBMED

Link - Cutting Edge: the Etiology of Autoimmune Thyroid Disease  - PUBMED

Link - Environmental Issues in Thyroid Disease - FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY

Link - Infection and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease - JCEM

Link - Viruses and Thyroiditis: an update - NCBI

Link - Molecular Mimicry and Autoimmunity - SCIENCEDIRECT

Link - Molecular Mimicry as a Mechanism of Autoimmune Disease - NCBI

thyroid test.jpg

Thyroid Function Tests

Link - Understanding Thyroid Tests -NCBI

Link - Guidelines for Thyroid Function Tests

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Treatment Options

Link - How Herbs Can Affect Thyroid Disease - VERYWELL HEALTH

Link - How Do Naturopathic Doctors Treat Hypothyroidism - INSTITUTE FOR MATURAL MEDICINE

Link - 5 Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism, How to Control Hyperthyroidism Naturally - HEALTHLINE

Link - Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms, What Causes it, and How to Treat it - CHRIS KRESSER

Link - Grave's Disease: Natural Treatment Considerations - NDNR

Link - L-Carnitine naturally treating Hyperthyroidism: Effects of Carnitine on TH Action - PUBMED


Link - If NDT is so Good, Why won't my Doctor Prescribe it? - THE INVISIBLE HYPOTHYROIDISM

goitre 2.webp


Link - Goitre: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Goitre: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC



Link - Hypothyroidism: Overview, Causes and Symptoms - ENDOCRINEWEB

Link - Hypothyroidism Diagnosis - ENDOCRINEWEB

Link - Hypothyroidism: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Hypothyroidism: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Hashimoto's: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Hashimoto's: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC

Link - 7 Common Hypothyroidism Causes - CHRIS KRESSER

hyper 2.jpg


Link - Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Hyperthyroidism: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Thyrotoxicosis: Diagnosis and Management - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Graves' Disease: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Graves' Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC


Thyroid Cancer

Link - Thyroid Cancer: Symptoms and Causes - MAYO CLINIC

Link - Thyroid Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment - MAYO CLINIC



Link - Thyroidectomy - MAYO CLINIC

Link - What to Expect After Thyroid Surgery - UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MEDICAL CENTER

Link - After Your Operation - A/PROFESSOR.JULIE MILLER

thyroid meds.jpg

Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Link - A History of Thyroid Treatments: Synthetic verses Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Link - Armour Thyroid and other Desiccated Thyroid Extract drugs (DTE) - VERYWELL HEALTH

Fresh Green Dip

Thyroid Healing Foods and Protocols

Link - Foods That Heal Thyroid - MEDICAL MEDIUM BLOG

Link - 6 Steps to Heal the Thyroid - DR. HYMAN

Blood Test

High Cholesterol and Thyroid Disease

Link - High Cholesterol? CVD Risk? It Might Be Your Thyroid - CHRIS KRESSER

liver 2.jpeg

Thyroid and Liver Function

Link  - The Thyroid and Liver Connection is Important - HEALTHYGOODS.COM

Link  - Clinical associations between Thyroid and Liver Disease - PUBMED


Link  - The connection between Hypothyroidism and non-fatty Alcoholic Liver disease - PUBMED

Link - The Relationship between the Thyroid Gland and the Liver - OXFORD, QJM


Iodine and Selenium

Link- Iodine: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH

Link - Role of Iodine, Selenium and other Micronutrients... - PUBMED

Link - Role of Iodine vs Selenium in the Rising Trend of AIT in Iodine Sufficient Countries - MEDCRAVE


Link - Iodine for Hypothyroidism: Crucial Nutrient or Harmful Toxin?- CHRIS KRESSER


Fibromyalgia and CFS

Link - Epstein Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia Connected - WELLNESSRESOURCES

Link - Frontiers Press Release: CFS possibly explained by lower levels of key TH - ME ASSOCIATION


Link - Higher Prevalence of "Low T3 Syndrome" in Patients with CFS - NCBI

Link - Pure T3 Thyroid & Stories of Recovery from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia: An Overview - HealthRising

Doctor's Desk

Related Conditions

Link - HealthCentral - HEALTHCENTRAL.COM

Link - Thyroid-Gut-Axis: How Does the Microbiota Influence Thyroid Function - NCBI

Link - Thyroid, Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome - CHRIS KRESSER.COM

Link - Thyroid Disorders and Diabetes Mellitus - NCBI


Candida and Thyroid Disease

Link - Natural Antifungals: Supplements and Herbs for killing Candida - THE CANDIDADIET

Link - Candida and Hashimoto's Connection - THYROIDPHARMACIST, IZABELLA WENTZ


Gluten and Thyroid Dysfunction

Link - The Effect of Gluten-Free Diet on Thyroid Women with HT - PUBMED

Link - Gluten and Autoimmune Thyroiditis - ENDOCRINEWEB

Link - The Gluten - Thyroid Connection - CHRIS KRESSER

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